Those Eyes

Well, the ophthalmologist has spoken.  My self-diagnosis of map dot fingerprint dystrophy was wrong.  I would have failed the final exam in medical school, I suppose.

The problem with my right eye, it turns out, is an early-onset cataract.  Most of my symptoms (cloudy vision, as if looking through smoke; decreasing night vision; problems with glares and halos; decreasing acuity of my vision) fit the picture.  But the most significant reason for my visit to the ophthalmologist, itching, doesn’t seem to be on the list.

Doc says I could get surgery now, if I wish, but suggested I wait for a while to see if it is really as problematic as I think it is.  I know I hate that cloudiness, but maybe I can deal with it.  He wants me back in six months for a follow up.

He says my problem is that a cataract is forming on the back side of the lens capsule.  He made me feel young by saying “people who develop cataracts early, like you, frequently have them form on the back side, and they often develop quickly and advance rapidly.” Meaning, I may need surgery sooner rather than later.  But probably not yet, if I can tolerate the smokiness in my vision and the halos at night when I drive.

AmDay, as the Pig Latineers would say.  I want to be young with eyes of an eagle and the body of a leopard.  Or something like that.

The diagnosis is considerably better than eminent blindness, so I am thrilled.  I’ll get cataract surgery when the smokiness in my right eye becomes truly problematic.

Oh, by the way, I had lentil soup a couple of nights ago, flavored with Ethiopian awaze paste.  I bet you didn’t.  But you wish you had.  It was nice!


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