Things That Mattered

I have a Twitter account, but I rarely use it. My most recent involvement was to post a photo in May of 2014. Before that, I rarely tweeted anything after early 2010. For some reason, though, I went to my Twitter feed this morning and reviewed posts I made in years past.

I posted my first tweets in March 2008, the month I joined. For a while, I posted every few weeks, then dropped off for a bit, then got more active for a month or two at a time. Reading back over some of my tweets triggered memories long since buried and rekindled unwanted memories:


  • Ate soba noodles at Noodle Wave in May
  • Spent time in Pittsburgh in July that year
  • Worried as I watched the track of Hurricane Ike in September
  • Sat in a bar at the Fort Lauderdale airport on September 28, drinking a beer and grieving over Paul Newman’s death
  • On November 5, I said I’d seen more progress in the USA in the past 24 hours than I’d seen in the past 24 years
  • Left New Iberia, Louisiana on December 30 on the road to Avery Island


  • Left Dallas for a three-day meeting in Atlanta on January 14
  • Ate Durban curry for dinner near the end of January that year
  • In early March I drank a glass of valpolicella and ate an Italian sausage
  • Went to a Leonard Cohen concert on April 3
  • Traveled to Washington, DC and Chicago toward the end of April
  • In early May, my brother and his wife who live in Mexico came for a visit and we ate at a Vietnamese restaurant where I had goat curry
  • Drove to Houston in May to be with my sister in the hospital for angioplasty, placement of a stent, and treatment for COPD
  • Took an 8-day vacation to New York City in June
  • Began a short stint as an “on call” disaster relief volunteer with the Red Cross in early December


  • On February 19, 2010, expressed anguish at my oldest sister’s death
  • In early October 2013, learned that my Twitter account, which had been dormant from quite some time, had been hacked; fixed the problem with new password.

Though I don’t use Twitter much, I am glad I left a trail of memories when I did. I suppose I’m doing the same thing with Facebook now, though Facebook has lost most of its appeal. That having been said, I do enjoy sharing experiences with friends who share their experiences with me. There was a time when I used my blogs, though not so much this one, as a journal of sorts. My old Musings with Myopia blog was a place for me to rant and post stream-of-consciousness drivel. I guess I do that here with my daily “Ruminations,” but I rarely use those posts to track my activities. But maybe I will begin to document my daily or weekly experiences here, instead of relying on other social media. Then, again, maybe I won’t.

At least I’ve captured here some of the momentous and mundane things I once tweeted about. For one reason or another, even the mundane among them mattered to me when I wrote them; they still do.

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"Love not what you are but what you may become."― Miguel de Cervantes
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