The Problem is…Oh, so very minor…

I was very upset with Suddenlink, our internet provider and pathway for Netflix, earlier today.  Well, most of yesterday and all days leading up to yesterday, as well.  And then I realized they weren’t the problem; it was the router…or the modem…or me.  When I pushed the reset button on the router to reestablish the connection to the television, the problems disappeared.

I began thinking about how upset I had been about something that, in the overall scheme of things, is not in the least bit important.  I allow myself to believe it’s important far too often; but then reality sets in and I discover I’ve been upset and angry about something amazingly minor.  If the internet delivered water and food and power, I’d have a legitimate beef when it goes out or doesn’t perform to my expectations.  But my complaint has been about not getting Netflix when I want it.

On one hand, I chastise the world around me to tone down the volume in complaining about problems that don’t begin to compare with real, life-threatening problems others face.  But then I go about doing exactly what I preach against.

When I reach maturity, maybe then I’ll be more mature about such things.

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