The Game is Not Worth the Candle. Again.

If you are among the few who have read my comments in years past, you may recognize my assessment of the political choices that face us this November: the game is not worth the candle.  It hurts me deeply to come to this conclusion, but it’s one I reach only after giving our social and political landscapes more thought than I care to admit.

My political philosophies lean far to the left, considerably farther than the Democratic Party is willing to go.  I understand the Party’s reasoning for maintaining its generally centrist position.  In fact, I’ve argued for centrism and I continue to do it. But my arguments are based only on my desire to minimize the likelihood of spiraling into oblivion, not on my wishes for a future in which all people worldwide can live in reasonable prosperity.

Realistically, though, we effectively have only two parties, Democratic and Republican, neither of which is stocked with sufficient intellectual muscle to set aside its stupid partisan mantra for long enough to let reality seep into its world-view.  We are faced, this November, with a choice between a corrupt, right-wing, inhuman Republican party with its suitably like-minded candidate and a corrupt, left-leaning, inflexible Democratic party with its discredited purveyor of hope and change.

Though I have just enough hope left in me to vote for the Democratic candidate and wish for the best, I believe the outcome of the election will have few truly meaningful results.  Sure, a Republican win will mean a sharp turn toward selfishness, imperialism, and class hatred, but a Democratic victory will mean that we will continue to slog through the porridge, making no appreciable progress toward tackling the real issues that face humankind, the environment, and every country on the planet.

The only real hope this earth has is for intelligent people, worldwide, to reject parochial views of the world, to reject the path toward global annihilation, and to embrace a world free of religious intolerance and driven by humanitarian motives.  It isn’t going to happen.  Unless there  is radical and complete change in humankind’s culture and in this country’s arrogant treatment of the planet and every thing on it as a personal slave of the good old USA, we are doomed.

There, my friends, is my Wednesday evening inspirational.  I hope you, and I, are better in the morning.

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"Love not what you are but what you may become."― Miguel de Cervantes
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2 Responses to The Game is Not Worth the Candle. Again.

  1. Robin, my vote will be for the comfort of the moment, as well, though there’s enough of the dreamer left in me to wish and hope for more…some days more than others.

  2. robin andrea says:

    We see the world in a very similar way, John. I will go to the polls in November and vote against the Republican machine. Their worldview scares me more than the stupid and intellectual laziness of the Democrats. Of course, I don’t think there is any hope for enlightenment or for the planet to be saved, so my vote is just for the comfort of the moment.

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