The Break, Season 2

Last night, I watched season 2, episode 1 (and part of 2 before I dozed…not because it wasn’t interesting, but because I was absolutely worn out) of The Break (La Trêve, in French, “The Truce”), a Belgian crime drama. I absolutely loved season 1 and I expect I’ll find season 2 equally as compelling. It is, in parts, gruesome, bloody, and stark, unlike whitewashed dramas on American television (except American television is addicted to gunfire exploding in fountains of blood). But those elements are not gratuitous; they contribute heavily to the story and the settings. Now that Netflix seems to be working properly (crossing all ten toes and most of my fingers), I can watch stuff besides HGTV re-runs, which makes TV viewing much, much more enjoyable. Perhaps I could find other enjoyable stuff, but my efforts on regular cable have failed miserably. At any rate, the series focuses on Police detective Yoann Peeters, who has moved from Brussels to his small hometown (in the first season). The quiet little place experiences a horrible homicide (an EXTREMELY unusual event) almost immediately upon his arrival. The first season followed his investigation of the homicide, all the while addressing his own psychological challenges (among other side-stories). The second season opens with another horrific homicide, almost immediately pinned on an emotionally and intellectually challenged young man who has just been released from prison for an earlier homicide (which he probably didn’t commit). I’ll leave it at that. Superb series! I highly recommend it (so far).

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