The Best Laid Schemes

My plans for Saturday—just two days ago—were dashed when I awoke and picked up my eyeglasses. Actually, I picked up only half the pair; the other half remained on the bedside table. The metal frame had broken at a weld in the bridge, the piece connecting the two parts of the frame that hold the lenses. My immediate thought was “procrastination does not pay.” You see, I had been planning to order a backup pair of glasses ever since I got my new prescription lenses a few months ago. Planning and doing compete with one another. They are incompatible behaviors, controlled by parts of my brain I do not understand.

At any rate, my plans for the day were dashed. Instead of finally re-hanging the pot rack above the kitchen island (the rack I removed not long after we moved into the house because it was improperly anchored), I drove to Little Rock to spend $300 on two new pairs of glasses. At least I now have two operable pairs of glasses, including lenses and frames.

While we were in the big city, I took advantage by visiting department store shoe departments. I have been delaying shopping for shoes, one of my least favorite endeavors. But, the outcome of my procrastination in the eyeglasses department reminded me that bad things can happen to those who wait, so I searched for walking shoes, comfortable shoes I can wear during our upcoming journey, one that will involve a lot of walking. Score! I bought a pair of lace-up leather walking shoes. They are suitable footwear that will go with jeans, khakis, and slacks.

Had I not committed to other plans Sunday, I might have hung the pot rack yesterday. But I did have other plans yesterday, so I did not. And I have plans for today. And I have plans for tomorrow. And I have plans for Wednesday. Thursday may be good for pot rack hanging, but Robert Burns’ pondering about the plight of a mouse leaves me looking backward at what might have been and forward at what might yet be.

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"Love not what you are but what you may become."― Miguel de Cervantes
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