Finally, after years of procrastination, delays, excuses, and other such “reasons” to explain the causes for my slothfulness, I am about to submit a short story for consideration for both a prize and publication. Though I have long wanted to, intended to, and planned to submit some of my writing for consideration to be published, I just haven’t done it. I suppose the bottom line reason is this: I’m lazy. Once I write something, the idea of editing it, polishing it, and going through the process of submitting it to an editor just turns me off. Perhaps it’s not just laziness, though; perhaps it’s the fear of rejection. But I really don’t think so; I think it’s because I’m a laggard. I really don’t worry much about being rejected; I expect it. Which probably explains my reluctance to go through the effort to put the stuff in front of someone who has the wherewithal to accept it for publication. What’s the point, after all, if the expectation is rejection? But, if I’m ever going to get anything published, I guess I have to start by submitting it for review. So, before the end of next week, I’ll finish the process of polishing and will follow the rules for submission. I wonder whether that will have the impact of breaking my slothful track record? Time will tell. I owe Maddie for the gentle nudge that got me off my duff.

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  1. Glad to hear you are getting off your duff. Br sure to follow through. I don’t see you as someone who is either slothful or fearful of doing this, Maybe it’s following the necessary rules….

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