Struggles in Wakefulness

I didn’t celebrate at midnight last night; I saw no compelling reason to stay awake for the new year. So, at eleven o’clock, I decided to go to bed.

At three-thirty, I got up. It’s now approaching four-thirty. I’ve been trying to decide whether to go back to bed to attempt to get some sleep I desperately need, or to give in to wakefulness and make a cup of coffee.

For once, I think I’ll accept that my body needs sleep more than it needs coffee, at least for the moment.  I do so hope I can sleep, because I have to be awake and alert when the yard guy comes in just a few hours.

This is the year I’ll take charge of my sleeping habits.

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3 Responses to Struggles in Wakefulness

  1. jserolf says:

    I know your plight. I used to battle with it, but now I rise when I rise when I rise and coffee comes. Maybe later, a nap, if need be. But if my body says, “I want to get up now,” then who am I to argue?

  2. It hasn’t worked so far, Mary Lou. I “slept in” until around 6, then went out for a walk a bit before 7. The pre-daylight walk actually got my blood pumping!

  3. Mary Lou says:

    From your fellow coffee-junkie and sunrise slave – good luck with that.

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