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Today’s massive dose of excitement will include:

  • Cleaning up a database for an organization to which I belong;
  • Visiting my doctor again to give him the opportunity to try again to determine the cause of, and recommend a solution to, the pain and tingling in my shoulder and arm and hand;
  • Calling an anesthesiologist’s office to inquire why I just got a bill for services rendered during my September cataract surgery (thus applying to this year’s deductible and not last years’);
  • Going to a friend’s house for dinner, which will involve participating in making tamales styled after those sold along the Mississippi Tamale Trail;
  • Taking a little time to attempt to learn some basic French phrases and pronunciation;
  • Making and applying a rub for a large pork loin that I will, tomorrow is clear and sunny, put in the smoker tomorrow; and
  • Considering the possibilities of moving to Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia (or, for that matter, the Island of Hydra off the coast of Greece), should Donald Trump (shudder!) win the November election.

Actually, all but the last one are on the calendar and the last one is becoming less of a joke. The more I watch in horror as my fellow countrymen give their identities over to a psychotic madman with delusions of grandeur, the more I wonder whether the “end times” of the USA are at hand. Not in the biblical sense, mind you, but the end times of our experiment with democracy.

I watched Bernie Sanders’ talk, last night, about his spirituality and I heard him answer a question about what advice he would give political science graduate students. Though Sanders is, by definition, a politician, his convictions are real. His humanity shines through in a way it can never do with Trump because, frankly,  in my view Trump is not human. Trump seems to me to be a mutant hybrid, combining the worst attributes of hydrophobic dog, serial killer, and Jim Jones of Guyana mass suicide fame. I can live with Hillary Clinton; she is an old-style politician, but at least she is not hell-bent on reducing the U.S. and the world to ashes. For that matter, I could tolerate life under John Kasich. But Trump? Cruz? Rubio? Are there no solutions? Yes, there are. VOTE! For the love of all that matters, VOTE.

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"Love not what you are but what you may become."― Miguel de Cervantes
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