Squeezing the Blush from the Day

This morning’s cool temperatures remind me that summer is winding down; if it were to wind down quickly, I would not complain. Coupled with blue skies and lower humidity, today’s cool start triggered an earnest interest in walking. Today, unfortunately, is not the day, as I have obligations of all sorts early on and lasting through mid-afternoon. But, assuming the weather cooperates—even if not as beautifully as this morning—I will commence my delayed return to early morning walks very soon. As I envision it now, I will walk early, even before my first cup of coffee, returning home to enjoy a strong French roast while I focus on writing for a while. Then, as the day matures and my adventurous culinary interests awaken, I intend to explore ideas that, heretofore, have resided only in my dreams.

If I were permitted to eat grapefruit (which is out of season, I realize), I would find an errant fruit this morning, caressing it gently, just enough to squeeze the blush from the day. But, alas, the misaligned season forces me to grudgingly take a medication prescribed solely to steer old people away from grapefruit so that the young may partake with abandon. Pharmaceutical companies are run by devious bastards, criminals controlled by the youth lobby.

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"Love not what you are but what you may become."― Miguel de Cervantes
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