Special Solstice Announcement

What if even the most powerful volcano was simply a trick, a display of the amazing power of a fizzlewhuzzcan engine that melts rock and sprays it into the sky? What then? Nothing, of course. We’d simply come to recognize that we’d been deceived and go about our business. So, too, is how we’d handle the truth about planet Earth, when we discovered it was not a tiny speck in an infinite universe but, instead, the largest and most important part of the sky. We’d grapple with the truth for a moment, then come to accept it. Because that’s how we are. We are willing to challenge reality for an instant, but we adjust to it when the facts become evident. (Please understand, though; that was just an analogy. Planet Earth really is just an almost-invisible speck of dust in a universe several trillion times larger than the Milky Way galaxy. Just so you understand.)

That’s how I want you to acknowledge that, in spite of a lifetime of being taught otherwise, the real God is not somewhere else. The real God is right here. He’s typing this as I think of how to tell you who he is. I know. You’re annoyed that I say “he.” If I could, I’d switch genders for an instant so I could say god is female. But I have only so much power; and the ability to change from male to female at will does not reside amongst my admittedly incredible array of talents. Give me a break; we all have our limits, and mine aren’t so very different from yours.

The reason I’m bringing this up now, at the winter solstice, is that my Wicca brothers and sisters are enjoying an enchanting day of peaceful harmony with the universe. It occurs to me that the rest of you might desire such oneness with the divine. It’s actually quite special, the sense that all of us are in the presence of Mother Earth’s nature and are humbled in reverence of her (see, I got the feminine thing going here, okay?). So, take it from me, the acknowledgement of Mother Earth and the universe is an incredibly peaceful and humbling experience. And you don’t have to be Wicca to do it. You just have to be willing to be amazed and to recognize that even the most powerful human on Earth is a temporary illusion in several thousand billion century measurements of time, squared.

I’m now returning power over this blog post to its all-powerful owner.

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"Love not what you are but what you may become."― Miguel de Cervantes
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