Snowerism and Icyness

Weather people are telling us to expect craziness.  Wild, unchecked, massively bizarre weirdness.  Snow and sleet and freezing rain and sprays of icy woofka.

Every single county in Arkansas is under a winter storm warning.

We’ve seen a lot of sleet and rain this afternoon.  Our decks are white and frosty.  I hope we don’t lose power.  In the event we do, we’ve corraled all our flashlights and such.  But our supply of candles sucks.  We must have given away a billion candles when we moved.  I felt it then: NEVER give away all your candles!  Yeah, but my action on the feeling was zilch.  I am bad to the bone, with regard to forecasting the need to be prepared for ice and snow and related freeziness.  I am sorry for my lack of decent futurecasting.

Worst case, if power goes out, we have fresh propane tanks, so the fireplace can keep us moderately toasty.  I really, TRULY, ABSOLUTELY hope the power does not go out.  If it does, it will be a test we will pass.

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