I just viewed my profile, something I wrote quite awhile ago and updated with our new location not long ago.  Interesting what one thinks might be important to couch surfers. Here’s what I say about us, just in case you want to surf our couch.

Food. Eating it. Reading about it. Talking about it. Cooking it. Especially ethnic foods of all types. And eating in diners and cheesy dives of all kinds. Reading. Wine with friends (cheap…the wine, not the friends). Road trips. Travel in general. Books. Book people. Poetry. Moderate birding. Rainwater cachement (no experience…just interest).

People should be judged by what they contribute to humankind, not by the narrow definitions of what constitutes the “right way to live” as defined by bigots. Life is short; it should be enjoyed. One’s good fortunes should be shared. People who need a hand should get it; people who can give a hand should give it. I am not religious…not even a little. My wife is private about her beliefs. I am open to people with religious and spiritual beliefs, but very much opposed to proselytizing. Buddhism has a lot of appeal to me, though.

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"Love not what you are but what you may become."― Miguel de Cervantes
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2 Responses to Sixty-Three

  1. John says:

    Firewoman, I should say there are!

  2. fireaunt says:

    I think there are an awful lot of ‘should’s in that last paragraph.

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