September 18: Thoughts for the Day

Today is the 261st day of the year.  The 261st post I’ve called “Thoughts for  the Day.”

I think it’s time to kill this fantasy.  I imagined a “thought a day” could be therapeutic in some fashion.  But it’s just become embarrassingly comic.

My mood for the moment is decidedly dark.   Maybe I’ll change my mind or maybe I’ll acknowledge the pointlessness of it.


About John Swinburn

"Love not what you are but what you may become."― Miguel de Cervantes
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3 Responses to September 18: Thoughts for the Day

  1. robin andrea says:

    I read your Thoughts for the Day everyday, John. I always find them interesting.

  2. Trisha says:

    *like* your…dang!

  3. Trisha says:

    I read them every morning, John. I personally your “Thoughts for the Day.” Here’s hoping the dark cloud is lifting!

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