Redefining Tuesday

I wrote another post for today but after reading it again, I decided it was far too negative. The post was a scathing assessment of someone I once worked for; it was not the way to start a perfectly good Tuesday. It will have its time; now is not that time.

So, instead, I’ll direct my thoughts elsewhere.  I met a friend for lunch yesterday.  We spent a couple of hours eating good food, having a few beers, and talking about whatever happened to be on our minds at the moment.  He’s a good guy; one of my favorite people. Being able to spend time with our favorite people is a good time; it’s the sort of experience we all need more of.

I am truly fortunate to live when and where I do and to have a few friends with whom I can occasionally share time that transcends “objectives.”  This is time that just is; no goal, no target, just time.  It’s a luxury too few people seem to have; I’m glad I have that luxury.

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"Love not what you are but what you may become."― Miguel de Cervantes
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