Recollected Travel Wishes

Almost six years ago, just after Christmas, my wife and I drove along the Texas coast, aimlessly wandering from town to town, taking in the views and atmosphere.  We stopped at a place called the Bayview Duck Restaurant and Pub, an honest-to-God pub with an atmosphere much like pubs we’d visited during trips to England in years past. We shared an appetizer of fried, crab-stuffed jalapeños and I had a glass of Fuller’s ESB Bitter. The owner was a British ex-pat who was friendly and casual.  The place was the sort of spot I’d love to have nearby, a neighborhood pub with comfortable furnishings, all worn and weathered and steeped in years of relaxed use.  Photos of the English countryside and London landmarks shared space on the walls.

The only thing I found a bit odd about the place was its obvious affinity for all things NASA.  Images of the space shuttle adorned the walls and models of real-world space craft took space on bookshelves and side tables.  It made good sense, I suppose, given that it was located very close to NASA, but it still seemed odd to me.  We overheard two guys, who I assumed were retired from the space program, arguing about the cause of some sort of problem with the launch of one of the shuttles.

I wonder if the place is still there.  If it is, six years between visits is enough; I think I’ll suggest another road trip along the coast.  Maybe we can replicate the trip that took us to the Bayview Duck Restaurant and Pub. That trip had begun with travel to Louisiana, where we visited Natchitoches, among other places.  We stopped in Natchitoches two years ago, on the way back from a visit to New Orleans with my sister-in-law.

The road is calling.

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  1. Jim Hawarden says:

    Sounds like a great place! And a quick Google search shows that it’s still there. I have added it to my list, sir.

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