Reaching for the Golden Ring

I once stayed a few days in the Golden Ring Hotel in Moscow, Russia, not far from Red Square and the Kremlin. As I recall my room, it was not particularly special by U.S. standards, but it was beyond decent.  Several people told me it was one of the nicest hotels in Moscow at the time.

It was my only trip to Russia and it was the only time I have ever been to a hookah bar, which was just  a few blocks from the hotel.  The visit to the hookah bar was not my idea; several of the much younger group I was with dragged me along with them to experience it. I’m glad I went; I won’t be unhappy if I never visit one again.

I had dinner one night at a restaurant on the top of the hotel. The hotel’s website says the place is called the Panorama Restaurant, though I don’t recall the name.  But the view, that I recall.  It was gorgeous.  I recall the menu was exquisite, but I have no recollection of what I ate; that’s odd, as I usually remember such things.  A look at the online menu makes me think I might have had veal liver in Armagnac sauce, but I am not sure. Ach, that’s annoying!

One evening, our group was treated to a fantastic dinner inside the Kremlin. Someone knew someone, apparently.  I remember being told it was unheard of for a conference group to be invited in; but that may have been an organizer talking.

I recall my white-knuckle trip from Domodedovo airport the hotel. And I recall being dropped off at the airport for my return flight, only to find an amazing amount of construction going on inside and no signs I could read. Obviously, I found my way to the right gate, but I don’t recall just how; I was exhausted.

Recently, I’ve been corresponding via email with a woman in Moscow, a woman I know from a past life with a previous client.  I wish I could spend a few days with her, privacy guaranteed, to learn what she really thinks of Putin and the current state of affairs in Russia.  She may be highly complimentary; she own a couple or three quite successful businesses that might not be so successful without him. But maybe not.  I wish I knew.

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