Psychological Myths

“Tells stories and believes them.” That’s one statement I recall from my “Birkman Method” report, a psychological profile that ostensibly reported an individual’s personality in normal circumstances and under pressure.  I don’t recall whether the statement applied to normal behavior or behavior under stress.  It doesn’t matter, as I judged the statement to be something of an affront to legitimate psychology. I worked for Birkman & Associates at the time; my psychological testing was free to me, given in advance of my hiring in the pre-employment screening process.

I recall only part of another statement:  “Has a greater than average desire to…”  To what, I don’t remember.

My skepticism of psychological evaluations that take the form of paper and pencil or, more recently, online responses to questionnaires, has grown over time.  While I wish there existed a tool that could reveal the intricacies of this thing we call our mind, I have doubts.  On the other hand, I regularly see pop-psychology tests that do tend to reveal personality attributes…that could just as easily be revealed through a short conversation.

These are just random thoughts today.  Tomorrow, my perspective might, and probably will, be different.

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  1. Trisha says:

    They are fun, though! 🙂

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