As I sit here, waiting for the time to arrive to go off to observe and discuss the inspection of the house we’re buying, I fret over the amendment to the contract on the house we’re selling. It’s just a mindless technicality, this new amendment, a bureaucratic hiccup. I fret only because we received the amendment as an email attachment as we were driving over yesterday and we have found it’s not easy to find a dependable place to fax the copy we signed, nor a place to scan a copy so I can email it to my agent.  Fortunately, the woman who rented us a place for the first month…a place to live between closing on the houses being sold and bought…was able to scan it and print a copy. But now that we’ve signed it, it’s hard to find a place to send it back…until after our inspection.

And, so, I’m pondering: are there stress fairies who follow the parties to real estate transactions, attempting to find that one final “thing” that will cause one or more of the parties to begin drooling and howling at the moon?

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  2. robin andrea says:

    We’re planning on putting our house on the market some time soon. Good to be reminded of the stress we are about face. Hang in there, John.

  3. Yes, there are stress fairies, though they should be more accurately labeled stress devils. that surround any transaction like buying and selling a house. Doing both at the same time generate enough stress devils to populate a major city. We’re only selling one right now and not our residence, but the stress devils are out in force. Keep them at bay as best you can.

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