Pain-Based Design Competition.

The first few days after surgery were easily tolerable. The epidural and other pain meds made to easy to believe all was well. Well, the pain was masked. The agony was replaced by strange hallucinations. I spoke to Santa Clause somewhere along the way. Abraham Lincoln learned from me to play Words with Friends; I was his teacher. But I learned an important lesson, too. Online gaming relies heavily on pain-based gamining. The more excruciating the game, the higher the game-creator’s score and the more likely the game will be adopted. I will write more later. This 1-finger story telling in painful. Just what they want.

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2 Responses to Pain-Based Design Competition.

  1. John Swinburn says:

    Thanks, Bev. I appreciate the delay of most of the post-op pain, but would have preferred its elimination even more. It will pass, they assure me.

  2. bevwigney says:

    When I had surgery, I remember telling the orderly that he was a very good driver as he wheeled me from recovery to my room. Actually, he *was* a very good driver — no bumping into doors on elevators of banging into other beds being wheeled around. That counts for a lot when you’re lying on a bed watching the hospital ceiling zip past. Good to “hear” from you. Hope the pain is at least somewhat managed and will soon be a thing of the past. Take care. b

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