One Hundred Sixty-Two

Fear is both a motivator and a demotivator. If that is true, that must mean fear has no effect on motivation, yes?

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"Love not what you are but what you may become."― Miguel de Cervantes
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3 Responses to One Hundred Sixty-Two

  1. Millie says:

    Yerkes Dodson Law demonstrates that arousal (fear, anxiety) produces the best performance at the top of a bell-shaped arousal curve. With too much fear, we perform poorly because we are in a panic state. With too little, we don’t apply ourselves. Moderate fear produces the best results. I am living proof. But then so are the countless monkeys Yerkes tortured to find that out.

  2. Juan, I responded yesterday. What the hell happened to my reply? I lost my fear of failure, at least some of it, when I realized it didn’t hurt nearly as much as my few flashes of success. Fear motivates me, sometime, but it demotivates me, too. It immobilizes me, in those instances, simultaneously preventing me from moving forward and from backing away.

  3. jserolf says:

    I don’t know, John. In fact, I wonder if “motivator” and “demotivator” are even the most righteous, descriptive, definitive parameters for “fear.”

    Fear has motivated me. I know that for sure. I am afraid of failure…..I am afraid of failure.

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