Oh, Please, Make Them Go Away

I just read a news article that reported on Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s order to the Texas State Guard to monitor a Navy SEAL/Green Beret joint training exercise (Operation Jade Helm).

Apparently, right-wing militia conspiracy theorists convinced the Governor the exercises are a “false flag” which set the stage for declarations of martial law along the Texas border.  Abbott’s order came the day after a bunch of “patriots” shouted down an Army colonel who was giving a public briefing on the planned operation.  In the minds of these dangerous and delusional idiots, the training exercise can only mean one thing: Obama is about to launch a takeover of Texas! Run for your lives!

While I will readily admit to a deep distrust of politicians of every stripe, there are few I believe are so utterly devoid of decency and common sense that would cause me to seek protection from them and any military units under their control. Obama is not one of them; Abbott, on the other hand, and the nut-jobs who have taken over the government of the State of Texas are just the kinds of lunatics who scare me.  I am not at all sure I would feel safe crossing the border into Texas nowadays, as Abbott and his lieutenants might well decide anyone with my liberal bent might pose a risk to the State and, therefore, should be detained indefinitely.

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"Love not what you are but what you may become."― Miguel de Cervantes
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  1. Joyce Laurie says:

    I think there is something strange in the tap water in Austin TX. The elected (bought) officials are definitely unbalanced. It scares me

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