Niña and Pinta and Friends

Yesterday was a full day.

  • a drive to Fort Smith, some time examining two near full-size replicas of the Niña and Pinta (and recoiling at the thought of crossing the Atlantic in them),
  • a visit to a very large and well stocked liquor store (who knew Malbec was available in 3-liter boxes?),
  • meeting the father of one of our friends,
  • an excellent dinner at a very good Mexican restaurant, and
  • dodging trick-or-treaters on the streets.

The best part was the conversation. And the audience as I read one of my poems, soliciting reactions as I prepare myself for next month’s reading in Hot Springs. It is so enjoyable to converse with intelligent, thoughtful people.

Some days are especially enjoyable, as much for the people who help in their enjoyment as for the activities of the day. Yesterday was such a day, combining good company with enjoyable endeavors. In looking backward, and inward, the value of human connections becomes so vividly clear. Even to curmudgeons who sometimes fancy themselves hermits-in-waiting, the value of relationships cannot be overstated.

Today promises to be another good one, as we seek out inspiration through art.

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"Love not what you are but what you may become."― Miguel de Cervantes
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  1. John Swinburn says:

    Restaurant: El Padrón

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