My French Woman-Friend

I have a French woman-friend who I’ve never met face-to-face, only via Facebook and a few emails and texts.  She invited me (and my wife) to her home for dinner whenever we get to California.  She is a lawyer, a writer, and an incredible chef (judging from the food photos she posts and the way she describes what she cooks).

I mention this because I think it’s extraordinary that I am able to develop, if not friendships, then acquaintanceships, online. That’s something that would have been impossible twenty years ago.

Her husband is in the military.  She has children who, from the videos I’ve seen, are exceptionally bright; they follow their mother’s intellectual path.

The world is changing faster than the speed of light. I wish I had more time to observe the transformation from the way it is to the way it will be.

I want to write novels.  I want to experience passions only young men can experience after coming face-to-face with existential danger. I want to live my life over, keeping the experiences that mattered and discarding those that exemplified my mediocrity.

Having seen the videos of my French woman-friend swim with the sharks and expose herself to excitement that challenges one’s grip on reality, I wish I’d made different choices over the years.

Maybe it’s not too late.  But probably it it is.  What the hell, I’m apt to go for it, anyway!

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"Love not what you are but what you may become."― Miguel de Cervantes
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