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Tonight was the fifth (I think…France, Italy, Portugal, Germany, Australia…were there more?) “World of Wine” dinner and wine tasting we’ve attended at Coronado Center. Tonight’s meal and wine assortment were Australian. Upon entering, we were given a glass of Andove Zibibbo Sparkling Moscato. If I never drink the wine again it will be too soon; far too sweet and syrupy for my taste. The meal began with a truly tasty Australian meat pie, which was paired with a 19 Crimes Red blend. The wine was pretty good. Next up, the second meal course was Australian “Rack of Lamb” chop (Lollipop Chop) with red wine sauce. I think it was to have been paired with with Greg Normal Cabernet/Merlot, but the wine was delivered early. The lamb was good, though it’s hard to keep such a dish warm with banquet service. The wine was pretty good, as well, but very tannic (which I like). Next up was Sticky Toffee Date Pudding, paired with Jacobs Creek Dry Reisling; I liked both, though Janine was not fond of the wine. I bought a bottle of the wine, only $9 with tax. The final course was a cheese and fruit plate, paired with D’Arenberg Stump Jump Chardonnay.

We ended up taking home another bottle of wine, in addition to the dry reisling, thanks to my commitment to the venue manager to sponsor him in the upcoming BikeMS ride from Little Rock to Hot Springs Village and back. The wine that came as part of that commitment is one he made; it should age until at least December (and not much longer). He enjoys making wine and was the driving force behind the wine-making class we attended (and in which he participated as a teacher) a month or two (or three) ago.

The next two World of Wine events will feature Argentina (in September) and Chile (in October). Unless our plans change, we’ll attend those events, too. I really can’t say either the wine or the food is particularly appealing, but the events are interesting. It’s hard to say just why I enjoy them; perhaps it’s the company and the entertainment value of the environment.  And maybe it’s because I enjoy seeing the efforts of a creative guy turn in to something that engenders support from throughout the Village. I’m glad we attend. It’s an enjoyable evening.

To top it off, our table-mates offers suggestions of good, cheap wines: Crane Lake and Foxbrook wines, said to be alternatively-branded “Two Buck Chuck” wines and “Big Smooth,” said to be cheap and quite appealing. We suggested Slate Dry Reisling, a South African wine, to another table-mate who’s into reislings.

And there you have it.


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