More of the Same

My cold is no better. It’s probably about the same. Could be worse, but it’s hard to tell. I went to bed early last night, hitting the pillow before 9, but it was hard to get to sleep. Eventually, I did, though I awoke several times between 9 and 1, coughing and sputtering and exhibiting symptoms of the plague or malaria or something equally unpleasant.

Finally, after my umpteenth pee break at 1, I went to sleep with only temporary interruptions until 2:15, when I got out of bed to avoid waking my wife with my loud, convulsive cough. Blowing my nose seemed to help briefly; each time I expelled a gallon or two of phlegm, I felt better for a short while. But that improvement was short-lived. After checking my email and responding to a couple of messages, I decided to try to rest in my recliner. I never went back to sleep, but the temporary lack of convulsive coughing was a welcome respite.

I was awake, listening to Alexa’s idea of “spa” music (barely audible, as I turned the volume way, way down), when my wife got up at 5. Her sleeping habits changed radically a couple of months ago. Whereas she used to get up around 7:30, she has started getting up much earlier, even though she goes to bed at her usual time. She has no idea why; nor do I. It worries me a bit, but she expresses a bit of annoyance when I suggest she ought to mention her change in sleeping habits to her doctor.

Five o’clock was the magic time for me; I could take another dose of liquid daytime cold and flu medicine (I could have done it earlier, but was relaxing in my recliner). So, I did. It seems to have triggered another set of coughing fits, complete with a throat full of phlegm. I am sure whoever is reading this is thrilled to learn of my phlegm production (maybe that’s why my readership is in the single digits).

I’m giving thought to trying to get some more sleep. Now that my wife is out of bed and my noisemaking won’t wake her or keep her awake, it may be worth a try.

It’s periods of illness and discomfort that emphasize how marvelous the periods of health actually are. We (I) should remember that. And act accordingly, trying to get in and stay in better physical condition.

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"Love not what you are but what you may become."― Miguel de Cervantes
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