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We returned last night to Pulaski Tech’s Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management Institute for a fine dinner. The draw, for my wife, was the menu; it included sweetbreads as the main course. Alas, there were no sweetbreads served last night, but the substitution—lamb chops—made up for it.  Our menu last night was:

  • Amuse bouche (a little odd pastry with what I believe was a mango glaze …not my favorite)
  • Country pate (excellent!)
  • Seafood paella with seafood sausage (good, but I like the more traditional paella I’ve had much better)
  • Lamb chops (oh my GOD they were wonderful!), with white bean ragout (meh)
  • Passion fruit mousse (actually, a little cake with passion fruit jam and some interesting fruits they claimed were cherries), a reason for me to eat desserts even though I can take or leave desserts.

This was our second trip. I was moved. Intrigued. I want to go back.

But, speaking of food…I spent yesterday afternoon, before our visit to Pulaski, having lunch with the Men’s Cooking Club. To date, most meals have been okay; not bad, not wonderful, just all right. Today’s lunch was the exception and it was, indeed, exceptional. The menu included:

  • Antipasto, with mozzarella balls, a hard cheese, salami slices, prosciutto rolls, pistachios, baby carrots, crostini with two tapenades (red pepper and one other I liked but could not identify), and Italian bread.
  • Lasagna bolognese, with béchamel and ragu bolognese sauces
  • Tuscan bean soup
  • Oven roasted vegetables

Now THAT is what I had hoped to experience when I joined the Men’s Cooking Club.

After those two meals, though, I should fast until Independence Day 2016. I doubt I’ll hold out quite that long.

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