Missing in Action

So many things can get lost in the hum of daily life.  I realized this morning I have lost touch with another blogger I never actually knew; never communicated with him directly, to my recollection.  Instead, I read  his posts and enjoyed their raw anger and sarcasm, targeting objects toward which I shared his anger . I appreciated his sardonic wit.  I rarely, if ever, commented. I stopped visiting very often when I found nothing new on his blogs. Over time, I stopped visiting at all. And it slipped my mind until today when I was cleaning up one of my old blogs, one I’ve essentially abandoned.  I feel more than a little guilty at the disappearance of his posts. Many people need feedback for motivation; I simply watched from the wings and gave him no encouragement.

His blogger name is/was konagod.  I found his old blogs, but they have not been updated for a year or more.  I wonder what happened.  I’ll probably never know.  On the off chance someone who reads this knows anything about him, I’d like to know.

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"Love not what you are but what you may become."― Miguel de Cervantes
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