Medical Delays

Yesterday, we delayed our planned departure to Little Rock by thirty minutes to accommodate some to-do items; it was a good thing we did. My wife got a call from her doctor’s nurse, saying she wanted my wife to get her blood drawn from a different place…not either of the two places she’s had it drawn of late. After some conversations and phone calls, they decided they want her to go to have the draw done at her cardiologist’s office on Tuesday, today. So, our Little trip to the Rock was delayed by a day. Hmm. I am beginning to question the doctor and her reasons for wanting different labs to do the blood draws. But I’m not the one talking to the doctor or her nurse. I wish I were, as I’d ask some probing questions.  So, it’s off to Little Rock today. But we don’t know precisely when, yet, because the doctors’ offices have not coordinated with one another or, if they have, they have not communicated a time with my wife. Frustration is afoot.

At least the delay gave us the opportunity to go vote early by a day. And so we did. The only races for which my vote may actually count are the local races for judges and the like. And I have no idea which ones, if any, have significant grass roots support.  I did some research to learn what I could about the philosophies and track records of the candidates, but did not learn a great deal about any of them. However, I learned enough to decide who would get my vote. I would be willing to bet the level of voter participation in the local races is extremely low; I guess I’ll learn whether I’m right as we see the results in the coming days.


I think I am in the mood to write something less mundane than what I’ve written thus far. Rather than add to this post, though, I think I’ll write another one.

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