May 30: Thoughts for the Day

Challenges build character.  Challenges shape personalities.  Challenges prepare us to fight against the forces that would have us give up and admit defeat.

I am facing a first-world challenge at the moment; a dead HVAC system in the house we bought a month ago.  The repair team who came by today said the system is shot and should be replaced.  We have a home owners’ warranty policy, but the guy leading the team said it would be 10 days before they would know whether the insurance company would pay for a new system.  They might patch the existing system together, piece-meal, but that is NOT recommended.  So we wait.  The weather thus far has been cooperative; nice breezes, open windows, clouds.  But next week the temperatures should rise into the 90s during the day.

We will cope.  We will face the challenges.  I am happy to have a roof over my head. I am pleased to be able to afford food.  I have the world’s most wonderful wife.  I am a lucky man.

My root canal yesterday was not what I would have hoped for in my first month in my new home.  But it went without a hitch.  I am a lucky man.

But now I must accept whatever it is behind the curtain.  What is it that could wreck my world?  We all have challenges.  Sometimes, they build character.  Sometimes, they are insurmountable, defining our limits in ways that humble us.

If I prayed (but I don’t…and to whom/what?), I would wish good things for us.  But I am confident things just happen, according to a haphazard arrangement.

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"Love not what you are but what you may become."― Miguel de Cervantes
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7 Responses to May 30: Thoughts for the Day

  1. juan says:

    One year after I bought the house here, I had to absorb at least 2k into a new AC system. It hurt but afterwards it just felt better, because I knew it would be years before I would have to do that again.

    Some things you do, and some things you feel glad about doing them!

  2. Robin, great minds run on the same track! We have been doing exactly as you suggest…even before we knew the AC was toast. I love to have the windows open whenever possible…AC, for me, is only to be used when the temperatures are intolerable. Here, so far, the temperatures have been very nice. We double French doors leading to a screened in back porch and all of the windows are casement-style, which we keep open when we can (lately, the amount of rain we’ve been having has forced us to keep some of them closed, but we’re able to keep others partially open and not worry about rain getting in. When the sun is out, the south and west window shades are down. My office off the master has almost solid glass on the east, south, and west sides, with the south side being by far the biggest…I’ve been exploring the possibility of buying a retractable awning for the south side, which would be especially useful in the hottest part of the summer. Great ideas, all of them! We have ceiling fans all around, but we just may need to buy a few more floor fans! We’ll get by until they fix or replace what’s broken…I really do hope they’ll replace it. Crossing my fingers, toes, and eyes.

  3. robin andrea says:

    Do you have an outside/inside thermometer? We keep one around, and it really helps managing the summer heat. We wait for the moment in the evening when the outside temps are cooler than the temps inside, and then we open every window in the house. We use fans to circulate the air. Keep the shades drawn on the south and west side of the house during the day. That will help. It won’t cool the house, but it will cut down on the solar heat. Good luck. I hope the insurance company pays for a new one.

  4. John Swinburn says:

    Thanks for the words of encouragement and naked house walking.

  5. Teresa says:

    Put your underwear in the freezer. Keep blinds/curtains closed during the sunlight hours, with windows only open a crack. Use blue ice at night under your pillow, and keep turning the pillow to get the cool side. Put fans on when you get too hot. Keep a bathtub filled with 2 or 3 inches of water, and then step in and out of it now and then to douse yourself all over. Walk around naked to dry off. Soak the curtains in water and hang them up wet. etc etc etc….

  6. Joyce says:

    If anyone can face a challenge head on, John, it is you!

  7. Larry Zuckerman says:

    Sending you the most positive energy I can muster mister!!!

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