Lost Years

I posted my first National Poetry Month 30/30 poem on April 1, but I’ve posted the the other eight to date only on Facebook. That is an abomination, so I’m posting days 2 through 8 here. I’ll add others as I see fit, if I actually succeed in writing 30 poems in thirty days.

Poem #2 of the 30/30 challenge, National Poetry Month. (April 2)

Lost years
Did my long hair and
hoop earring fail
to fulfill?
Did they not change me
into the me I wanted to be?
They were supposed to give me
the years lost to college and
unwelcome responsibilities.
But I don’t want to be twenty again.
Not even thirty.
And forty was no peach.
Fifty wasn’t bad.
Sixty stung a little
but I had retired by then.
I remember who I wanted to be
in those lost years.
Maybe I need to give
long hair and the
hoop earring
more time
to change
Or maybe long hair and
the hoop earring
reflect me in
those lost years.
Maybe I’m


About John Swinburn

"Love not what you are but what you may become."― Miguel de Cervantes
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