Long-Distance Courier Service

Today will be a day of long distance driving; a 650-mile round trip to retrieve more “stuff” from the city in which we used to live.   We’ll get boxes of files, an upright vacuum cleaner, an iced-tea maker, boxes full of items from our pantry, among many other things that wouldn’t fit in our car.  Oh, and suitcases full of clothes; we made the trip over with 2 days’ worth of clothes.  And we’ll retrieve a 55-quart ice chest filled with frozen foods from our freezer; a friend generously agreed to store our frozen foods for pickup this weekend.

I feel very much like a long distance courier.  Come to think of it, though, I’ve often commented that my fantasy was to be a long-distance courier, paid handsomely to slowly transport small quantities of personal items cross-country; but this is not cross-country and it’s not slow.  But it’s a start.


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  1. Oh, and I’m not being paid handsomely.

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