Lemon Twist Very Pretty

I do not own a channel knife.  Until yesterday afternoon, I did not even know what a channel knife was.  But today, despite the hour, I am thinking of buying a channel knife.

Ready access to a channel knife would tend to make it more likely for visitors in my home to think I have a bit more panache, a touch more class, a little more savoir fair than they might ordinarily think.

My question to you: were you more knowledgeable yesterday afternoon than I about channel knives?  Is my new-found knowledge simply evidence of my lack of worldliness?

If you were just as blissfully ignorant of the existence of, and/or the uses for, channel knives, I am here to share my knowledge.  A channel knife is a device used for, among other things, making lemon twists.  The device has a small “V” shaped part extending down from its blade ; the “V” is sharpened so that it can be inserted into a lemon rind. As one pulls the channel knife around the circumference of the lemon, a thin slice of the rind is peeled off..the peeled piece is twisted and slipped over the edge of a cocktail glass.

This knowledge fills me up and makes me wish for 5 o’clock (no, not this morning, this afternoon); before that hour, I’ll try to find a channel knife so I can make a proper cocktail, complete with lemon twist.

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