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Last night, I made Moshhorda (the Uzbek soup I posted about a couple of weeks ago).  It was excellent, in spite of the fact that we had only half the  amount of mung beans called for in the recipe (which means I’m on the hunt for mung beans).

This morning, I prepared Loaded Cauliflower that’s now ready to go in the oven whenever we decide to eat it.

Apparently, I’m in a cooking mood.  I’ve been reading about all sorts of other foods, mostly vegetable-based soups, that intrigue me and that I hope to make soon.

I’ve never been especially fond of cooked cabbage (well, I’ve always liked it, but just not as much as I like damn near everything else), but lately the idea of a soup that has lots of cabbage appeals to me.  I think I want to just make up my own soup, rather than find and follow a recipe.  Here’s what I’d like to mix up right now: cabbage, garlic, onions, tomatoes, salt, pepper, olive oil, celery, green beans, lemon juice, bell pepper, crushed red pepper flakes, potato, carrots, bay leaves, and chicken broth.

The thick, pea-soup fog probably has something to do with my interest in soup this morning.  While not as cold as it has been for the last several days, the grey day is cold enough to be called a soup-day.  We’re going out shortly, first to lunch and then to do a bit of shopping, etc.  Janine has barely been out of the house for days.  I went out yesterday to do a little shopping, but today we’ll head in to town to do more.  And we’re off!

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