June 29: Thoughts for the Day

I’m writing this before I go to bed on June 28. Perhaps I should label this June 28: Late in the Day Thoughts. But I won’t. I’ll just post the June 29 thought early.

People are capable of unfathomable goodness. Yes, they can do unspeakably bad things, but people have the capacity for extraordinary generosity and kindness.

The word “worship” has always had negative connotations for me. I’ve always felt it suggests weakness. It has suggested adoration of an illusion.

But now, today, I worship unexpected goodness that has no motive other than making lives better. I can’t point to a specific incident that brought this to mind, other than a chance encounter at a gas station (maybe I’ll write about that later); no one “broke the mold” for me today. But today, especially now late in the day, I just feel it.

Let me spread the love a bit.  June 29, 2014 is a wonderful day.   Although June 28 was a tad better, because it was my wife’s birthday.  June 29 is new; we should treat it as the opportunity it is.

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"Love not what you are but what you may become."― Miguel de Cervantes
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