July 14: Thoughts for the Day

I visited a web site this morning, wisegeek.com, and was surprised at a statement asserting that 70% of red meat eaten worldwide is goat meat.  I was stunned by it; I decided to explore a bit.  I did some checking.  According to the UN Food & Agriculture Organization, pork is the most-consumed red meat; goat comprises somewhere in the neighborhood of 6 to  8% of red meat consumed worldwide.  The Washington Post may be wisegeek’s source; but the Washington Post corrected its error.

This is not necessarily  important in and of itself; it is important because wisegeek.com presents a fallacy as fact. There’s a lot of that out there. Don’t believe everything you read or hear.

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  1. It’s I’mportant because people need to realize you can’t believe everything you read or hear.

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