Intermittent Errors

Yesterday was a day of intermittent errors.

Those missteps began early, when I went to the gym before daylight to carry out the regimen I was given by the personal trainer earlier in the week.  After using various pieces of equipment as I instructed, I came across one that confused me; I tried to use it face down, instead of face up.  None of the people who noticed me there corrected me; I did see a smirk or two.  Finally, I realized my mistake and used it correctly.  I completed the exercise routine without further faults.

Next up, during pottery class, I failed to adjust my thumb “just so,” so the pinch pots I was making did not conform to my intents and expectations.  With a little coaching from the instructor, who is a well-known and well-respected potter and sculptor (at least around here), I got it right.  She (the instructor) is great, in that she does a demo, goes on to another group at a different level of instruction, then comes back around to see what students have been able to do on their own.  I admire that she is not a control freak; that trait must be a good one to have, though I have not experienced that trait, personally.

Between these intermittent errors were periods of correctness.  I made killer sardicado (sardine-avocado) sandwiches for our lunches (for my favorite wife and me, not for the instructor and me).   I successfully avoided reacting with incredulity at the way the guys replacing a few boards on our deck were attempting to measure where to cut (they had their own set of intermittent errors). There were a few other periods during which I was not error-prone. Not many, but there were a few.

I continued my intermittent errors, though, when I wrote the Thoughts for the Day for this day, August 28, and tried to schedule them to post automatically.  Easy to do correctly, even easier to do incorrectly.  So, I posted it immediately, instead of scheduling it properly. Immediately, I noticed my error (I’m good at noticing my errors after I’ve made them), took the post down, and rescheduled it for this morning, giving myself time to review it before it actually posts.

If I pay a little more attention to what I’m doing, I suspect I can reduce the number of intermittent errors.  Maybe.



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3 Responses to Intermittent Errors

  1. Trisha says:

    That would be great, would love to give it a try! Thank you, John!

  2. Trisha, they are outstanding! I’ll send you the recipe,

  3. Trisha says:

    Sardine-avocado sandwiches? Hmm…new one for me, but sounds good!

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