Indolence Emergency

I am, some mornings, unable to overcome my laziness. My best intentions notwithstanding, I cannot manage to conquer my slothful attitude, forcing myself to take ownership of my lethargic state of mind. So it was this morning as I contemplated what to make for breakfast. While I had no particular aversion to what has become the routine of eating Canadian bacon and eggs of one sort or another, I had no interest in going to the trouble of preparing them. I wanted something horribly simple. But I wanted powerful, satisfying flavor, as well. Aha! A torrent of brilliance, spawned by inertia, flooded my mind. Did we buy a box of Tasty Bites Madras Lentils during our last visit to Costco? Why, yes, we did! In a flash, I solved my dilemma. I opened a couple of pouches of that magical ambrosia, popped them in the microwave and, voilà, a delicious Indian breakfast was in bowls and on the table. I used the last spoonful of sambal oelek to add a little punch to mine, triggering a quick addition to the grocery list.

I tend to growl disapproval of ready-to-eat foods, but I admit they have their place. Those lentils have their place, to be sure, and I will plan to keep a stash of them in the pantry for indolence emergencies.

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