In Praise of Scallops

Last night, I cooked a dinner of seared sea scallops over wilted spinach and parmesan risotto.  It was the second or third time I’ve made the dish and my love for it has only grown with each time.  It is remarkably good. I failed to take any photos, but I have been able to snag an image from the Internet which is a true reflection of the dish I made (and, indeed, is from the site where I originally found the recipe):


Click on photo to open site where the photo, and the recipe, come from.

Cooking risotto is a bit more labor-intensive than I might like, but it’s worth the effort.  It is a wonderful complement to the scallops and the wilted spinach, though any one of the components would, I am sure, be just find all by itself.  There’s something just so satisfying about scallops; I could eat them several times a week if I were sufficiently flush with money.  I would have scallop ceviche, seared scallops, scallops with pasta and oranges…I would just dine like a scallop magnet if I were able. If I had not made the risotto, the dish would have been diet-friendly, too.  OK, so next time I may forego the risotto; and I should probably leave the pasta off the plate, so maybe scallops and oranges without pasta should be on the menu.  Scallop ceviche, though, needs no adjustment; good, healthy, delicious.

OK, enough about what I like to cook for dinner.  I should really try to find some nice breakfast recipes that involve sea scallops.

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