In Lieu of Excitement

The cool front, promised in the early evening television weather forecast, did not arrive as predicted.  I had hoped to walk outside this morning to find markedly cooler temperatures, but was disappointed. When I looked at the outdoor thermometer a few moments ago, the temperature registered at 75 degrees; not awful, but not the refreshing chill I had hoped for.

This morning’s online weather radar shows a line of rains showers approaching from the northwest, though, so I suspect the cool front will reach us shortly.  The roll of thunder I just heard reinforces that belief. Today, a high of 79 degrees is forecast and the night low is expected to be 64.  The next few days should see lows in the upper 50s, much more to my liking. After the expected rains sweep through, the humidity should drop considerably, as well, making the cool weather even more welcome.  The windows and doors will be opened to let the house, and those of us in it, breathe more happily.

Tonight’s entertainment will be delivered by the candidates for the Jessieville School District.  We have decided to attend the candidate forum to hear what they have to say.  The news of late surrounding the district has not been positive, focusing as it has on personalities and who did what to whom.  Because we pay taxes to the district, we want to know how the candidates plan to use them.

Then, tomorrow, the first meeting for the season of the Village Audubon Society will be held.  We joined at the last meeting before the summer hiatus, so have not had the chance to meet people who belong; maybe tomorrow will correct that deficiency.  Tomorrow evening, we will attend the first program in the concert series to which we subscribed.  We bought season tickets (at ridiculously low prices) after being pleasantly surprised at the quality of the facility when we visited the theatre at the Ponce de Leon Center.  We’ve been told the performances are outstanding.  Tomorrow, we’ll see and hear Smokey Joe’s Cafe.

At some point in the next several weeks, if my favorite spouse ever gets around to making her appointments in Dallas, we will make the trek back to the big city.  While we are there, we will visit a few friends, make a stop at Costco, drop by Trader Joe’s, and otherwise piddle.  I am very much in the mood for a real road trip, much more than a jaunt over to Dallas, but we have various commitments that keep seeming to get in the way.

Ah, the rain has begun; I hear it beating, hard, on the roof. Thus ends this post.



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