I’m Not Arrogant and Not Submissive

I posted a number of photos on Facebook today, photos of masks I had made recently. They were the final, glaze-fired pieces. I suggested, in my post, that I had imperfectly glazed them. And I had. In reflecting on my comments, though, I wondered whether my comments were apologies for failures or simply statements of fact.

Based on my intimate knowledge of the situation and myself, I was acknowledging failures. But those failures were facts. They were not apologies. They simply stated information. Yet I think maybe people read my comments as a weak guy excusing himself from judgement because, after all, he is incapable of producing better. Well, nonsense.

I am capable of producing better. But what I’ve produced so far falls short of the standard I’ve set for myself.  That standard may be absurdly high, but it’s my standard. Yet, even with that standard lurking in the background, I won’t apologize for my masks. Some people could have made better masks; many people would have failed midway in their efforts. So, though, my masks are the work of an amateur, they are works of a guy who is getting better. But understand this: I have neither the desire nor the stamina to achieve the status of master. I’m here to have fun!

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"Love not what you are but what you may become."― Miguel de Cervantes
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3 Responses to I’m Not Arrogant and Not Submissive

  1. jserolf says:


    I think it’s cultural. Sort of like Chinese culture where, for example, the host places her dishes in front of her guests, but apologetically says “it may not be up to your standards.”

  2. Joyce says:

    “Acrossed” not tossed

  3. Joyce says:

    You come a tossed as honest! An important part of who you really are

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