Ice Surfers

Our couch surfer guests arrived last night just after 8:00 pm, having driven in from Little Rock through freezing rain. They escaped the worst of the storm, but after they had been here awhile, it followed them to our house. Freezing rain, icycles hanging from the gutters, ice forming on the leaves of plants outside the front door. We stayed up talking until well after 11:00 pm. By then, ice had begun forming on the driveway. This morning, they had planned to go visit Hot Springs, the national park, get a spa treatment, an otherwise just enjoy the day. My guess, though, is that they will be here most of the day, if not all day. The roads probably are treacherous. Either way works for us. They are nice, interesting people. Hosting couch surfers is an experience I wish I’d started doing years earlier.

I’m anxious for daylight; I won’t feel comfortable venturing out to test the extent to which the driveway is slick until I can see.

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