I Think I’m Turning Japanese

morning_misoThis morning’s miso soup was accompanied by green onions, unlike last Thursday’s travesty of the highest order. Not only green onions, but a bit of sambal oelek to enliven the flavor and, of course, firm tofu (without which there is, in my humble opinion, no breakfast miso soup, just miso broth). The only thing I would have added, were I to have had access, would have been fresh mushrooms, preferably oyster mushrooms (though baby bellas would do, as would plain old white mushrooms). But the absence of mushrooms did not damage the satisfaction supplied by the morning miso.

Wait. I lied. I would have added wakame. But, alas, I STILL have not visited an Asian market where I might buy wakame. I promise I will. I promise myself I will not make miso soup again until I have wakame in hand. But perhaps I will find wakame today when I visit the Kroger grocery store. If I do, I will buy some. And I will buy mushrooms, though not oyster mushrooms; I’ve found those only in Asian markets in Little Rock.

I realize now I am in yet another rut. Today’s miso soup accompaniments, radishes and slices of mandarin orange, repeated last week’s accompaniments. I think it’s time I broke out of the routine; time for adventure! What else might pair well with miso soup? But before I answer that, I have to admit to something: I did not put dashi, separately, into my miso. My assumption (since confirmed) was that the miso paste I used contains both kelp and bonito flakes. All right, now I feel better. Back to what I might add to my miso. I’m thinking little bits of daikon radish (stronger in flavor than my common red radishes) or perhaps little bits of grilled fish, like salmon. But I’m talking about adding to the soup; I intended to talk about accompaniments!  Dammit. So, here goes. Onigiri, AKA rice balls. Sliced cucumbers.

That’s enough. I just read a blog post about how to make onigiri and I am now in the hunt for high quality Japanese short-grain rice with which to make it; perhaps I’ll find it online from the California company the author complimented.

Earlier this week, I was Brazilian. Today, I’m Japanese. I may become a citizen of the world before long.

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"Love not what you are but what you may become."― Miguel de Cervantes
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