Honesty is dangerous, especially when it reveals flaws once hidden.
Honesty is ruinous when it shatters trust and breaks the bonds of love.
Honesty is a toxin we best not ingest if we hope to stay alive in a world
in which poisons murder the authentic and cripple the sincere.

We live in a fantasy world, one in which fidelity and honesty and
virtue flow through our veins in place of treachery and deceit and vice.
We live in a kingdom governed by fools who believe in fairy tales,
who seek peace and justice in a world blighted by war and corruption.

In this sad fantasy kingdom, civility clashes with coarseness.
Propriety battles with discord and misbehavior so crude that streets of
gold blushed and turned grey and ragged like weathered lead.
When rain washes those streets, our wells fill with poison.

Where are we and how did we find our way to this sovereign domain?
We are the rulers here in this dominion of our own making.
We fought and won the right to govern a place rich with surrenders,
a place where victories are spent on building monuments to deception.


About John Swinburn

"Love not what you are but what you may become."― Miguel de Cervantes
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