Hard Powder and the Like

I stumbled across a bit of interesting information this morning, something I want to file away as a reminder in a year or so. A film called Hard Powder, starring Liam Neeson, is being filmed in or around Vancouver, British Columbia and Kananaskis Country, Alberta. It is an English-language remake of a Norwegian film, In Order of Disappearance, I recently watched and enjoyed enormously. The new film is scheduled to be released sometime in 2018. It’s the story of a snow plow driver whose son is murdered by a drug lord. The father decides to take revenge. His efforts result in a turf war between competing drug cartels that attribute the results of the father’s rampage to one another. The Norwegian film was highly entertaining (if not particularly artsy); I hope I will say the same about the remake.

In other entertainment news, I gather a new season of House of Cards will begin in just a few weeks. It’s one of the few bits of television that I insist on viewing, though I must admit lately I’ve been seeing more and more series worth recording and watching, especially Netflix originals. Others from Netflix include Narcos and Longmire. The service has a number of other originals that pique my interest but, so far, not enough to merit sitting in front of the television for several hours.  My wife and I also enjoy The Americans (an FX original) now in its fifth season; next season will be its last.  I watched only two from the Danish Department Q series; I really must make a point of watching the final in the series, Department Q: A Conspiracy of Faith.  Actually, I think a marathon binge watching both I’ve seen, followed by the one I haven’t, might be a reasonable investment of my copious spare time.  Or, I could write. Maybe that’s what ought to command my attention. Yeah, that’s it.

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