Gliding Colors

I passed my physical with gliding colors. Almost everything looks fine. Except for a few aspects of my blood work that are “high-normal,” which was the case last year, as well, with a slight uptick that’s nothing to worry about, but could be if they continue their climb. My doctor suggests, ever so gently, that diet might address them. As in not eating so much. And eating a diet better suited to a lethargic geezer. He also suggests, ever so gently, that a little more physical exercise might be worth considering. My blood pressure could use some adjustment downward, so he prescribed another little pill. And he expressed a little disappointment that today’s X-ray showed no change in the little shadow on my lower right lung. So, he wants me to get a CT scan. But he’s cognizant of the impending formalization of my geezerhood and the Medicare it involves, so he’s agreeable to letting me wait until I’m on Medicare and have my supplemental coverage in place. He wants to make sure it’s not a troublesome mass of some sort. So, I will focus on getting my coverage in place ASAP. This afternoon. After the Writers’ Club meeting. And he suggests I continue taking gabapentin instead of looking for a more permanent correction to my arm/neck/ shoulder pain. “As long as it masks your pain, you’re probably better off taking it. It won’t do any harm.” Though I present that as a quote, I doubt that’s exactly what he said. But that’s what I heard, basically.

This blog has turned into a journal. I’m not sure I like that. I am not sure I like that at all. I may clear it out and start anew. Yeah, maybe I’ll do that. Or maybe not.

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"Love not what you are but what you may become."― Miguel de Cervantes
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