Generations Hence

Sprained egos drag themselves over self-made walls,
edging ever closer to places where fences
never kept courage at bay, but tried.
Certainty, in dire need of atonement,
spills into pools of doubt, as time erodes
the barricades built of false bravado,
unearned pride, and fear sired by ignorance.

Hope, unchecked by brutal experience and anguish,
steers even the most hopeless of the throngs
toward possibilities and wishes, dream and visions
that might, generations hence, be recognized and
realized in a time gentler than the fury of today.
Tenure and age teach us lessons that require a lifetime
to learn, lessons that pay dividends only to the future.

There’s a reconciliation coming, a meeting of the minds between
rage and revolt, fury and forgiveness, inadequacy and indulgence,
power and submission. There’s a time coming, a time beyond
partisan healing, a time of reckless compassion, intent not
on repair but on rebirth, a time in which understanding
conquers judgement and acceptance overtakes pronouncements.
Generations hence, solutions will prevail. Generations hence.

About John Swinburn

"Love not what you are but what you may become."― Miguel de Cervantes
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