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In spite of my efforts yesterday to find my phone, in my car where I thought I must have dropped it, I couldn’t find it.  But, this morning, I decided to have one last look.  Armed with a flashlight, I crawled into the back seat of the car and stood on my head so I could look up between the driver’s seat and the console.  There, almost invisible due to its location, wedged so tightly the normal vibrations made when calls or messages come in were dulled to almost nothing, was my phone.  Hallelujah! Fortunately, I had only suspended the account, so I was able to reinstate it.

I like the phone, but its large size makes a belt holster unwieldy.  If I had it to do over again, I’d buy a smaller version.  But, the issue of where to put it, coupled with the fact that I lost the thing inside my car, argues loudly that I need to put my creativity to work on a solution so I can avoid future panics like the one I had yesterday.

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2 Responses to Found It

  1. Lois, I kicked myself repeatedly for having failed to set up “find my phone” before I lost it. Then, after I found it, I discovered that I could have used a Google app for Android devices to find it. So, yes, I can, now. I wish I’d been a little brighter a lot earlier!

  2. Lois Ferrara says:

    Can you track it like I do sometimes when I misplace my iPhone (“find my iPhone”)

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