Follow Your Dream, Dingo

People who are quick to condemn, quick to attack, quick to blame, quick to demand redress for grievances, real or imagined, should be quick to apologize when circumstances turn out to be different from what their paranoia initially suggested.

But “should” is not a commandment.

Our fabulous neighbors invited us to join them last night for the last Hot Springs Concert Band outdoor concert for the season. We had a very nice time, listening to good music, people-watching, and chatting. I really enjoy casual outings with no subsequent obligations. Maybe I’m not very social. “Maybe?”

Back to the issue at hand.  Before enjoying our neighbors’ generosity, I spent time reading and responding to emails that suggested I (or someone) had insinuated a volunteer was incapable of performing he volunteer role. I devoted more time to the issue than it warranted. Then, later this evening, I remembered what I told my wife: “I am tired of offering myself and my talents, hearing joyous responses suggesting unwavering support, then encountering huge swaths of nothing.”

I need to remember. Don’t let yourself get snared again. Write. Explore options for getting audiences. Ignore politics and the attendant BS. Let them wallow in their juices if that’s what they want to do. Follow your dream, dingo.

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"Love not what you are but what you may become."― Miguel de Cervantes
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2 Responses to Follow Your Dream, Dingo

  1. Good advice, amigo! “Tastes just like children” is not well-received in polite circles.

  2. Concerned in Oz says:

    Just Don’t eat that lady’s baby, dingo!

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