Flubbing Fame…Well, Not Entirely

Despite an embarrassing number of flubs, my twenty-four minutes of fame was quite enjoyable last night at Maxine’s in Hot Springs. Several members of the Village Writers’ Club turned out, which helped the audience numbers considerably.

I could almost feel the audience’s embarrassment for me as I lost my place in the very first poem.  I recovered, but it was a long and painful flub.  I learned lessons; I can get better.

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"Love not what you are but what you may become."― Miguel de Cervantes
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2 Responses to Flubbing Fame…Well, Not Entirely

  1. Thank you, Millie, for your kind words. I appreciate reading them; they help me feel better about my performance. But, still, I wish I had done better! And in future, I will.

  2. Millie Gore says:

    Good grief, John. You lost your place for a minute. Big deal. You have no reason to be embarrassed, and I certainly was not embarrassed for you. I had no reason to be.

    I’ve lost my train of thought many times when making formal presentations in public. And a couple of months ago at a public event, I lost my place in the music when I was playing my clarinet in a duet with a professional flutist. I stopped playing, she kept going, and I eventually found where I was supposed to be and rejoined her. The woodwind police did not show up at my door at midnight.

    You were magnificent. I was proud to be in the audience. I was proud of your performance. And I look forward to seeing you perform your work again.

    A fan,

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